Irrigation systems are a necessary addition to any home or business to get that beautiful green lawn you’ve always wanted. Irrigation systems are helpful in equally distributing water to your lawn and monitoring the frequency of watering. Healthy watering promotes strong growth and a consistent look to your lawn.

Here at Krintz Lawn Care, we install our irrigation systems using Hunter® and Rainbird® products to ensure that you get the highest quality irrigation. We provide customized designs to best maintain your lawn and consider the optimal amount of watering needed.

We design, install, and offer routine maintenance services to your irrigation system. This includes:

  • Opening your system in the Spring. We check that everything is working correctly and adjust heads. We will review the controller program and make sure it is set correctly.
  • Annual backflow testing. Most water companies are now requiring this to be completed on an annual basis.
  • Repairs and adjustments when needed.
  • Winterizing your system in the Fall. We use compressed air to blow out your irrigation lines so they do not freeze.

Contact us today to set up a free lawn irrigation estimate or to schedule backflow testing for your system!