Lawn Mowing


We provide lawn care services to both residential and commercial properties. We understand that each customer has a unique lawn and we will work with you to customize a mowing schedule to fit your needs.

Lawn Mowing Options

A basic mowing package includes mowing and trimming; however, we offer a variety of additional options.

Krintz Lawn Care service options include:

Lawns will have a clean and consistent cut.

All edges will be clipped to provide a clean and crisp appearance

We blow the grass clippings off the hard surfaces such as the walks, drive and patio.

Clippings can be bagged and removed from the lawn.

We are well-equipped to handle tall grasses, weeds and large, rough fields, such as empty lots or agricultural fields.

Scheduling Lawn Mowing Services

  • We provide regular mowing on a weekly or as-needed basis.
  • We can provide custom scheduling to accommodate vacations, both short-term and long-term.
  • We account for rainy days and other weather-related obstacles.

Contact us today for your free lawn mowing estimate. We know each yard presents a different challenge, so we’ll send someone to assess your property to give you accurate, proper pricing.