We have developed a calculated process for fertilization and weed control that results in healthy, beautiful lawns. Our process will be customized to best fit your yard’s unique needs.

Fertilization is important because it feeds your lawn which, in turn, develops healthy, strong root systems and strengthens your yard to better battle the seasonal weather elements. A healthy lawn is able to withstand heat, cold, drought, snow, mowing, foot traffic and other seasonal stresses.

Benefits of treating your lawn with fertilizer

  • Reduce the growth and strength of weeds
  • Encourage grass growth
  • Maintain investment in lawn through regular maintenance and upkeep

Krintz’s five fertilization and weed control phases

Crabgrass pre-emergent application

This is a preventative measure to combat and control crabgrass before it germinates and gets a stronghold in your yard. It can be a tough, persistent weed that quickly spreads in your yard if not treated effectively.

Broadleaf pre-emergent application

This is a preventative measure to control the spread of broadleaf weeds in your yard. These weeds may include dandelions, dock, clover or chickweed.

Spray For Fungi Prevention

Fungus can be harmful for your lawn. We can spray fungus replant to make sure this nasty stuff never overtakes your yard.

Broadleaf post-emergent application

This is an effective measure in targeting broadleaf weeds that sprout in the early summer to limit their growth and spread.

Grub control application

This a preventative measure to help reduce the number of grub worms and keep them from ruining your lawn.

Broadleaf post-emergent with fertilizer application

This is a measure to remove any standing weeds in your yard as we move into the fall and winter season.

Winterizer application

This application prepares your lawn for the spring season by promoting food storage to help survive the winter climate and encourage growth in early spring.

Scheduling For Fertilization

We know that every year is different and we can’t depend on the exact same weather, especially in Indiana! For a non-typical year, we will work around the weather in order to determine the proper schedule for fertilization.

Contact us today for a free estimate and we’ll send someone out to evaluate your property and current lawn health!