Snow Removal


We take pride in serving our clients year-round. When Indiana weather becomes frigid and snow begins to fall, our team switches gears from landscaping to snow removal. Our services include plowing and de-icing. We use a biodegradable, safe alternative to rock salt that utilizes calcium chloride and is not a threat to your landscaping, driveway, or pets. We happily serve commercial and corporate entities, subdivisions, apartment complexes, and individual homes in Tippecanoe, White, Benton, Carroll, Clinton, and Jasper counties.

Whether it’s at a business, subdivision, or apartment complex, removing snow from parking lots and sidewalks is just plain hard. Why not let us do it for you?

Choosing Krintz’s removal services will save you time and energy, and also help protect your employees, customers, or tenants from slips and falls, thus being a liability aide for your business.

In addition to commercial services, we offer residential removal. While we are happy to provide this service, much of our equipment is too large for residential areas. To find out if you qualify for residential snow removal services, please contact us.

Contact us today with inquiries about snow removal options for your home, subdivision or company.