Bugs N Grubs

    Bugs N Grubs

    ‘Tis the season to be on the lookout for Bagworms in your trees and Grubs in your lawn; these pests can wreak havoc on lawns and landscaping but can be fixed with some easy steps.


    Bagworms are pesky insects that enjoy Evergreen and Arborvitae trees, but can also be found in Cedar, Juniper, and other trees as well. Males look like small moths with dark wings and the females look like a yellow maggot or caterpillar.

    Do I have Bagworms?

    Bagworms create cone shaped nests that are usually a brown or grayish color. They can be difficult to spot as they often look just like a pine cone. Bagworms can also be seen in what looks like a large, thick spider web. They feed on the foliage of the tree that they are attached to and can leave them looking thin or bare.

    How do I get rid of them?

    There are two ways that we recommend getting rid of bagworms. The first way is to physically remove the nests from the trees and then place them into a large bucket of soapy water. The second way is to spray the trees with a pesticide; below is a link to information from the Purdue Entomology Department that gives specific pesticides that should be used for bagworms.


    A bagworm nest hanging in a tree can look similar to a pine cone. Copyright: Image Source


    If you are noticing that you have yellow, dead patches in your lawn, you may have a grub problem. You can check this by trying to pull up a dead patch of the lawn; if it pulls up like carpet and there are no roots then you likely have grubs. You can double check this by digging up a square foot section of sod and looking for the grubs. A simple grub control application should be applied to kill the larvae of the grubs and prevent further damage. The best time to spread grub control is in July or August. The dead areas of the lawn should then be reseeded after the grub control has been applied and had time to kill the grubs.

    Grub damage in the lawn. Image Source

    Turf damaged by grubs will peel back like a carpet. Image Source

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    We are happy to help you diagnose the problem over the phone or in person and we offer treatments for both Bagworms and Grubs.  Give us a call to get your bugs n grubs under control.

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